घर पर खाजा कैसे बनाएं | How to make khaja sweet


A khaja is a deep-fried sugar coated tempting dessert from Bihar. Khaja is a most popular bihari sweet during wedding celebrations. There is a tradition to give Khaja with other sweets to the daughter when she goes to their in-law’s house just after marriage (Bidai).

Cuisine – Indian
Course – Sweet
Prep time – 30 minutes
Cooking time – 30 minutes
Total time – 60 minutes
Serving – 10-15 Pcs.

Refined flour(maida) – 100 gm
Ghee – 40 gm

For Ghee paste
Ghee – 2- 3 tbsp
Maida – 4 tbsp

For Frying Khaja
Ghee or Refined Oil for deep frying

For the chasani(sugar syrup)
Sugar – 1cup
Water – 1/2 cup

How to Make Khaja

To knead the dough

  1. Sift the flour into a large bowl and add the ghee.
  2. Mix well with your fingers, till it resembles bread crumbs.
  3. Sprinkle water and knead to form a smooth dough.
  4. Cover the dough and set aside to rest for 15 – 20 minutes.

To prepare Ghee paste
Put the ghee and flour in a small bowl and whisk, till smooth. The paste is

To make the khaja

  1. Knead the dough again for 1-2 minute.
  2. Make balls with the dough, about the size of golf balls.
  3. Roll 4 balls into thin and large chapati/disc or in rectangular shape.
  4. Dust a little flour on your work surface and place chapati or discs on it. Spread ghee paste on disc or chapati and cover with the second disc.
  5. Repeat the same process with third and fourth one discs or chapati.
  6. Spread more ghee paste over the fourth disc or chapati and roll the stack of discs or chapati into its cylinder.
  7. Cut the cylinder into 1/2 inch piece.
  8. When you cut you see the multiple layers inside each piece.
  9. Roll each piece gently into 3 – 4-inch discs.

To Fry the Khaja

  1. Melt the ghee or oil in a kadhai or wok over moderate heat. Reduce the heat and deep fry till khajas in batches, till golden brown
  2. When you put khaja into oil, it puffs than with help of two bamboo sticks open it all layers.
  3. Drain and place on kitchen towels to absorb excess ghee.
  4. Let them cool.

To prepare the chasani(sugar syrup)

  1. Put the sugar and water in a deep, heavy-based pan. Simmer, stirring occasionally, till the sugar is completely dissolved.
  2. Continue cooking for about 10 minutes without stirring, till the syrup reduces
  3. Your chasani is ready.

To complete Khaja

  1. Cool the chasani until it lukewarm
  2. Dip the khaja into sugar syrup or chasani and take out immediately.
  3. Put khaja one by one into the sugar syrup and keep it on a plate

How to serve Khaja
Serve the Khaja when they become cold and crisp.

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