Til Chikki | Til Patti Recipe

Till Chikki
Till Chikki

Benefits of Til and Jaggery

Til(Sesame seed) ladoo is on high demand in the winter season. It is prepared in India on the occasion of Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Uttarayan, Khichdi. Its two main ingredients
sesame seeds or safed til and jaggery or gud are known to immediately infuse warmth and energy into the bloodstream and also help infuse warmth and energy into the bloodstream and also help in fighting the harsh cold winter mornings

Health benefits of Gur and til:

Eat til and gur in the form of tilkut, chikki or ladoo, then it acts as a natural booster.
They also help to keep bones strong.
They act as a natural multivitamin.
You can’t believe but it also helps to heal the wound faster especially in children

Ingredient for Til chikki

Roasted Sesame Seed/ white Til- 1 cup
Jaggery/ Gur – 1/2 cup
Water- 5 tbsp
Ghee – 2 tbsp

How To Make Til chikki

To roast the sesame seeds
  1. In a heavy saucepan/kadhai, dry roasted sesame seed on low flame till it splutters and colour changes to a golden brown. Be careful not to turn them dark brown.
  2. Transfer to a tray and set aside to cool.
  3. Once cool, crush the white sesame seed coarsely in a mortar and pestle.

To make the til chikki mix

  1. Pour water in a kadhai over low heat. 
  2. Add the jaggery and let it melt on low heat.
  3. Keep stirring continuously otherwise gur burned.
  4. Add ghee and cook for another 10 seconds.
  5. Switch off the gas and stirring for another 1 minute so it is cool down. 
  6. Add safed til in gur mixture and mix with a spatula, till well blended.
  7. Your chikki mixture is ready.

How to make chikki

  1. Leave the mixture in a kadhai to cool down for 2-3 minutes.
  2. The mixture shouldn’t be that hot that it burns your hands, not should it too cold.
  3. Take a plate and spread ghee on it.
  4. Put the mixture on a plate and roll it thin with the help of a rolling pin.
  5. Now the chikki is ready, cut it into your desired shape.


  1. Dry roast the sesame seeds on a low flame.
  2. Also, add dry roast nuts to make it more nutritious.
  3. I also add water to make jaggery syrup, otherwise, if you add jaggery directly into the kadhai, it burns immediately and there is a taste of burnt in ladoo.
  4. You can also add saunth powder if you like the taste of saunth.

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